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BCN provide local dry carpet cleaning services in Peterborough and surrounding areas. We use the most up to date environmentally friendly dry cleaning system which leaves carpets clean, dry and ready for immediate use and leaves no sticky residue which can attract fresh dirt.
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Benefits of Dry Carpet Cleaning

Creates minimum disruption

Deep cleans & removes soil & spots

Can dramatically reduce the presence of bacteria, dust mites, allergens & mould

No need to remove large pieces of furniture

Deodorises and leaves carpets fresh

No drying time

Lifts matted pile

Safe to use - no chance of shrinkage or colour bleed

How Does It Work?

Dry carpet cleaning sponges looks & works just like a sponge, dissolving & absorbing dirt.

The sponges are soft, natural & moistened with water & safe cleaning products.

The sponges are brushed into the carpet to wipe the soil from the fibres & then vacuumed away leaving your carpet dry, clean & ready for use.

Most spots & spillages can be removed with the dry cleaning method, however no one can guarantee to remove fixed stains but they may fade with cleaning.

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